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It refers to purchasing a specific number of streams for your Spotify tracks to boost visibility and popularity.

Yes, when bought from reputable providers, it's safe and helps in enhancing your track's exposure.

From reputable providers, plays usually come from genuine and active Spotify accounts.

Increased play counts can improve track visibility, potentially leading to playlist features, but there's no guarantee.

Delivery times vary by provider, but most aim for immediate to 24-hour delivery.

Buying from credible sources usually ensures the process is safe and doesn’t violate Spotify's terms.

More plays can signal popularity to Spotify's algorithms, possibly boosting track recommendations and placements.

This depends on the provider, but many allow distribution of plays across several tracks.

From reliable sources, the plays are typically permanent and don't decrease.

The process is discreet, and it's usually indistinguishable from organic growth.


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